water and wind.

scientific climate conferences have just recently highlighted the high environmental advantages that can be achieved through green energy usage. transition towards renewable energy systems is an essential step for a significant reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions. (IPCC, 2023)

at ruwido, we have already taken this step more than a decade ago. In 2012, we started using 100% renewable energy for all our in-house production processes, reducing our energy-related carbon footprint by 93% (umweltbundesamt, 2019).

currently, our energy mix consists of approximately 85% water power, 10% wind power, and some other types of renewable energy, and is entirely produced in austria (salzburg ökoenergie gmbh, 2022b). we have achieved our city’s green power award certificate, which guarantees that 100% of our consumed energy is coming from renewable sources (salzburg ökoenergie gmbh, 2022a).

with renewable energy, european production, and a sustainable new product architecture we have set steps for a “craftmanship for a better world”.

we are striving for a future worth living, not only for us, but also for our children and grandchildren.

our journey into this direction has just started; the steps we have taken have already made a difference, but they will not be the last ones. we will continue to research and innovate, to rethink the familiar and to change what seemed to be unchangeable. and by doing so we will always follow our vision, that “sustainability is the new premium”.


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