Our award-winning remote controls are designed, developed and manufactured under one roof in Austria — with 100% renewable energy

We live for perfection in everything we do from idea to product


Brilliant products are always born out of a vision. “Design is soul” is the heart of ruwido’s DNA, which runs through all “parts of the company’s body”. You can see in a product with a high design quality a minimum of compromises as it´s always a result of a consequent creation dictatorship.

Electronics & software

Excellent design requires cutting-edge functionality. Through innovation and continuous progress in areas such as Bluetooth Low Energy, voice control and personalized content, we set the benchmark in the remote control industry.

System integration

We flexibly adapt to individual customer requirements and support our clients with excellent plug-and-play solutions, that can go far beyond traditional remote control functionalities. 


Our remote controls are produced under one roof in Austria with 100% renewable energy. Our scalable production cells allow for a wide range of products with minimal setup times. Large-scale testing and final inspections secure high-quality implementation.


Every solution is matched to the exact needs of our customers to reflect their brand identity and improve user experience. Already in the early project stages we inspire with physical samples close to large-scale series quality.

Design is soul

More than 110 awards from renowned design competitions around the world speak for our relentless commitment to excellence

amulet – intuitively operable and with a clear form, this vr/ar remote control is a successful combination of aesthetics and functionality.

the r157.73 remote made for Orange Spain intrigues with its sophisticated silhouette, advanced tech, a unique texture that mimics the set-top box fabric, and overall impressive craftsmanship.

equipped with a large solar cell, r507 H2O is a battery-free remote control, which combines aesthetic appeal with outstanding sustainability.

ruwido’s better world architecture r577, being the most sustainable remote control in the world, combines outstanding new level of sustainability with the brilliant tactile feeling & haptic.

with the new r507 H2O remote control ruwido has breathed new life into a product that seemed to have reached its design limit. it is simple yet elegant, intuitive yet highly functional. and thanks to an integrated solar module, it is mercifully battery-free.

ruwido’s “amulet” brings simplicity in interacting with content in the 3D world and symbolizes ruwido’s strive for innovation and its out-of-the box thinking.

the sustainable architecture of the r577 remote control shows our vision and commitment for zero carbon and a careful use of the resources of our earth.

the orange remote inspires with advanced technology and flawless workmanship. the texture on the bottom side of the remote control is imitating the look & feel of the fabric on the set-top box, creating a captivating harmonious and consistent design.

the aesthetic of the H2O remote control has been reflected not only in the captivating product design, but also in the new level of sustainability.

the “amulet” was designed to ensure clear, intuitive and easy navigation in vr/ar world without any compromise in elegance.

equipped with a solar cell r507 H2O is a battery-free remote control, which combines brilliant aesthetics with outstanding sustainability.

ruwido’s “amulet” with its unique user interaction mechanism revolutionizes how we handle vr/ar glasses and allows to interact with the new technology effortlessly.

ruwido’s unmatched expertise in ecological product design are realized in the most sustainable, elegant, highly innovative and user-centred better world architecture r577.

apart from the brilliant tactile feeling & haptic, the H2O delivers unmatched sustainability, supporting ruwido´s “craftsmanship for a better world”.

The prestigious German design award in gold was awarded to Clara for outstanding minimalistic design and brilliant engineering. According to the jury, Clara synchronises mind & sense, and makes it possible to operate the tv without looking at Clara.

With liza, a new era of how to handle smart home applications is born. Ease of use – a joy to own – and cool! That's liza.

The core idea behind the clara interaction mechanism was to create a similar interaction mechanism with the TV as when interacting with our smart devices. Clara is the answer to the future of interaction in the living room.

The Telia interactive remote is born by a characteristically Scandinavian design spirit like simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

The Bell Fibe TV remote inspires with its interesting silhouette, which describes a technically, visually and haptically sophisticated device. The high level of care in manufacturing is evident in the processing details.

The sustainable architecture of the better world remote r507 shows our vision and commitment for zero carbon and a careful use of the resources of our earth.

The Telia interactive remote impresses with sophisticated technology, an elegantly reduced key layout, and all-around flawless workmanship. It is also produced according to the principle of sustainability.

The aesthetic of the r7.7 remote control has been not only reflected in the product design, but also in the new level of sustainability.

The better world architecture combines sustainability and high usability in an elegant, haptically high-quality product.

for a better world

Breaking new grounds with possibly the most sustainable product architecture in the world, we emit 70% less CO2 compared to production in asia

no lacquers and paints containing toxic chemicals

organic materials instead of plastics

significant reduction in carbon footprint

circular economy, ease of refurbishment & recycling in mind

improved product life to extend replacement cycle

no silicone which has low recycling rates and does not decompose

improved accessibility features with on-screen navigation

Sustainability is the new premium

At ruwido, we are convinced, that for creating a liveable future, immediate action is essential. We have taken action and have created a remote control as sustainable as possible, that is generating 70% less CO2 compared to a traditional one manufactured in Asia.

It is a future-proof product architecture for the next decade.

The key is the architecture

Our innovative product architecture is built without using silicone, printing, lacquering or plastics made from harmful materials. With this and a significant reduction in components, our carbon footprint is now 70% smaller, leading the way to a healthy and sustainable living for all.

Our new architecture not only addresses the urgent issue of rising temperatures caused by excessive CO2 emissions, but also eliminates often overlooked harmful substances found in inks and lacquers, ensuring the well-being of both humans and the environment.

Lifetime costs

In order to enhance a product's environmental performance, it is crucial to prioritize extending its lifespan during the development process. Although high-quality products may appear more expensive initially, they prove to be more cost-effective over their entire lifespan, thanks to reduced support costs.

With minimal return rates, this approach not only leads to economic and ecological savings in replacement products, but also ensures high customer satisfaction.

Made in Austria

We strongly believe that producing our remote controls in Austria is the optimal way to uphold our exceptional quality and sustainability standards.

Since 2012, our energy has come exclusively from local renewable sources, with 85% generated through water, 10% through wind, and 5% from other. By having all stages of design, development, and manufacturing take place in one location, we can ensure that our remote controls are crafted using only renewable energy, under excellent working conditions, and with the highest quality standards.


Since 1969, we’ve been pouring heart and soul into our products, turning them into something truly extraordinary

ruwido inspires its customers with brilliant design & innovative technology, setting the benchmark in the world market for outstanding remote controls & smart home devices.

Founded way back in 1969, we're proud to be a one-of-a-kind Austrian manufacturer, with full production, design, and hardware and software development all happening under one roof. Sustainable development is integrated into all business processes and strategic planning of the company. For the last decade ruwido has worked on 100% renewable energy and has done everything to minimize its carbon footprint.

At ruwido, we're always thinking ahead, using the latest technologies to ensure that every single one of our products provides an unparalleled user experience.

As an owner-managed company, we have the freedom to drive innovation without being influenced by external investors. we are the sole decision maker of our future.

We look forward
to hearing from you.

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