made in austria.

„made in china“ is a phrase that can be read on a multitude of electronical products. reasons for a production in china are tempting: costs can be saved due to lower labour costs, lower taxes and lower insurance costs compared to european standards; quality is known to be good, delivery times mostly accurate; large factories and high staff numbers enable high outputs in short periods of time (teletec, 2017). so why can the above mentioned phrase, “made in china”, not be found on ruwido’s products? why have we, at ruwido, not outsourced our whole production to asia, as many of our competitors have?

a pandemic, that shut down parts of the world for weeks and months;

a war, that undoes decades of trade agreements;

a climate, that confronts the whole planet with more extreme weather conditions.

all in all: unforeseeable events, that turned and turn many things upside down and made the plannable no longer plannable. a sword of damocles was hung over the dependence on others, constantly threatening to fall and destroy trading activities. 

we at ruwido are convinced, that being independent on external suppliers is the best protection against this threat. 

but our motivation to produce in austria goes far beyond those reasons. after all, we have already been producing partly in austria since our company’s foundation in 1969 (ruwido consumer remote controls, 2022). currently, design, development, and production – including the injection moulding, pcb assembly, the final product assembly and packaging – are taking place under one roof in austria. here, we can fully guarantee the maintenance of our high sustainability standards – highly valuing not only ecological, but also social sustainability. 

needless to say, by producing here in austria we can ensure, that all our employees benefit from the excellent austrian working conditions with all its high social standards.

by using 100% renewable energy for all our production processes we can contribute towards ecological sustainability, making our remote controls 30% less co2 emitting compared to the same remote controls made with average production processes in asia (ruwido austria gmbh, 2022).

furthermore, the final assembly of the remote control takes place just three metres away from the place where the bare granules get injection moulded. this results in an immense reduction of intermediate transport and intermediate packaging, saving about 25 tons of plastic packaging and 125 tons of co2 every year compared to a process where injection moulding and assembly take place 1000 km apart from each other. 

by having our production in austria, we can guarantee that our products are manufactured in a clean and safe environment; we can guarantee to only use 100% renewable energy for our production; and we can guarantee the excellent austrian working conditions under which our products are made. 
therefore, we can say with our best conscience, that we can provide sustainable premium products “made in austria”.


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ruwido. (2022, July 31).

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