no batteries at all.

about 191000 tons of batteries have been sold just in europe in one year. however, only less than 50% of all batteries in the eu get collected for recycling. (eurostat, 2020) 

therefore, we have seen an urgent need in a reduction of batteries used. to contribute towards such a reduction, we at ruwido have asked ourselves: how could we minimize our product’s battery consumptions? 

reduced battery consumption not only cuts down the number of needed batteries, but also saves money buying and time replacing the batteries for the end users.

with high efforts in research and development, several measures could be implemented into our remote controls. 

4 million batteries can be saved for one million remote controls by using a leading-edge chipset in combination with an energy-optimized software. the chipset has a significantly lower energy consumption compared to a low-cost chipset, resulting in less batteries needed, and is used for all ruwido products. 

a method to further effectively reduce the number of batteries needed is to not use traditional backlight. by not implementing backlight technology into the remote control, for a total of 1 million products, 14 million batteries can be saved compared to a backlit remote control with low-cost chipset. 

thus, foregoing traditional backlight and using high-performance chipsets leads to a strong reduction of battery consumption.

but is it possible to completely forgo batteries?

is it possible to save 18 million batteries for 1 million remote controls compared to traditional backlight remote controls with low-cost chipsets? save 18 million batteries, which would be more than 11 trucks full of batteries only? 

the answer is – yes! with the new physical storage in ruwido’s remote controls, no batteries are needed anymore at all. the physical storage can be recharged for one day of usage in only 3 seconds, and for one week of usage in just 30 seconds. 

a reduced energy consumption still would not necessitate giving up the advantages of backlight. ruwido’s innovative “overlay” technology is the better alternative to traditional backlight. it does not only require almost no additional energy, but also supports on screen navigation for the visually impaired, in respect to 2024 eu accessibility regulations, and can be implemented with all of ruwido’s “better world architecture” models. it is our innovative, sustainable backlight technology. 

consequently, the selection of ruwido remote controls with energy-efficient chipsets and innovative backlight solutions contributes towards a waste reduction by several trucks full of batteries. a reduction by several trucks full of batteries half of which do not get collected properly for recycling. it is a saving of resources and energy, and a small contribution to one of the major current challenges. 


Eurostat (2020). Half of batteries sold are collected for recycling. Retrieved from 

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