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köstendorfer straße 8, 5202 neumarkt a. w., austria

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the future remote control provides added value making daily life easier and more convenient.

our TICTACTILE. 7.0 is the result of this transformative process similar to the evolution from feature phones to smartphones.

with a growing desire for natural surfaces in our digital world, haptics become increasingly important.

aiming to touch the user’s emotion, we carved the haptic landmarks of our TICTACTILE. product architecture in stone.

our ‘biometric haptic’ supports automatic user identification right after pickup.

this enables an adapted user interface, personalized recommendation and targeted information increasing the revenue stream of service providers.

we are extremely proud that our consistent design r407 and our r157.7 android tv remote control were awarded with the red dot product design award 2019.

the seal of quality is only awarded to products that feature an outstanding design.

‘design is soul’ is the heart of ruwido’s dna, which runs through all parts of the company.

“you can see and feel on a product with a high design quality a minimum of compromises as it´s always a result of a consequent creation dictatorship,” says ferdinand maier, ceo.

we are very pleased that ruwido was honored with a german brand award 2019.

factors such as design quality of the brand appearance, the homogeneity of the result and the economic success played a decisive role in the judging process.